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A pet owner and a dog catching a ball in a park

Science-led nutrition for your pet’s senior years

Providing the best food for aging dogs and cats isn’t easy, which is why Hill’s senior pet foods are specially formulated to address their unique nutritional needs. Backed by extensive research and testing, our breakthrough senior pet foods use a proprietary recipe of natural ingredients (plus added vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that work together to fight the effects of aging.

How to tell if your pet is aging

Not sure what the transition age for senior dog food or cat food is? Pets can be considered “middle age” when they turn 7, while a pet is considered senior around 11 years old. Keep an eye out for some common signs that your furry friend is getting older:

Vision Loss
Easily getting lost or bumping into things
Oral Problems
Bleeding gums, bad breath, etc.
Joint Pain
Less interest in playing or trouble climbing stairs

Looking for Hill’s Prescription Diet?


Prescription Diet must be recommended by a veterinarian. Use our vet locator or talk to your current vet about Hill’s to Home.